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Payment Information

We take ALL Major Credit Cards

Here at Matt Allison's Carpet Care, we understand that payment can be a concern for our customers. Not only do we take ALL major credit cards, we also accept cash, personal checks, and we support online payments via our electronic invoices. 

We can issue you an estimate and invoice via text or email and you can either pay from your phone or home computer, or you can pay at the time of service with our Integrated Point of Sale system. We also allow all recurring customers to pay via check or money order. We trust our customers and cannot wait to help you. 

We strive to ensure that all of our customers have a pleasant and easy experience when it comes to payment options. If you have any questions or wish to know about payment plans, please contact us at 661-340-4084 or contact us via our site or Facebook. 

*We also allow for payment plans for specialized circumstances. We understand that the economy has affected all of our customers differently and will make allowances at our discretion. 

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